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EHS GRADES International is a first-of-its-kind environmental health and safety (EHS) program performance improvement company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We provide best-in-class customer services in performance management, contractor management, compliance auditing and training resources to meet the needs of our members. Our clients include several industrial facilities, corporations, contractors, suppliers, vendors and operators ranging from small businesses to some of the world's largest companies.

Do I need to install any software?

No need to install anything. The EHS GRADES system platform runs in all major, modern browsers and is completely web-based. All updates are instantly performed and all your organization’s information is securely stored instantly. Access to your company information anytime, anywhere or any day when you login to your member account.

How can EHS GRADES help improve my company's performance?

EHS GRADES uses scientific technology that provides early incident or accident warning to help companies quickly identify and minimize risks in the workplace. The EHS GRADES performance evaluation process identifies where your program performance currently stands, including what’s working, gaps, and recommendations for continuous improvement.

Does EHS GRADES provide Contractor Management Solutions?

Yes, EHS GRADES provides outstanding contractor management solutions. We understand that when the wrong contractors or suppliers get prequalified and selected to work on projects, owners are often left with the burden, stress, and costs of the failed project, loss of brand reputation, litigation and loss of profitability. Due to this, EHS GRADES implements a revolutionized contractor management process, providing support throughout the project lifecycle to help owner companies to reduce costs, minimize risks and increase the chances of their project success.

Can I find qualified contractors for my overseas business operations?

Most of our clients conduct global businesses and operations in multiple countries and are often faced with the tough decision of hiring the most-qualified contractors and suppliers for their project needs. Our Global Contractor Management Program assists prospective contractors to find performance gaps and recommend areas for improvement. Without reducing EHS standards, we work with contractors to develop an effective performance improvement and action plan through the EHS GRADES ImproveNow! Program.

What is the ImproveNow! Program?

The ImproveNow! Program is a component of the EHS GRADES Zero-In-View Initiative (ZIVI) that was developed to encourage companies to be proactive in developing and implementing methods involving a continuous "checkup" of their programs to improve their overall EHS performance. The Zero-In-View initiative is based on the EHS GRADES Vision of zero incidents, injuries, and fatalities in the workplace.

Businesses that are enrolled in the IN program are able to quickly track key performance indicators, and analyze their day-to-day operations to help improve and sustain outstanding performance. As a result, our participating member companies have been able to drastically reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.

How can my company benefit from the Zero-In-View Initiative?

The Zero-In-View Initiative (ZIVI) allows companies looking to be proactive in driving down the rates of their workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses to keep aiming for "zero incidents." The initiative encompasses continuous improvement programs including ImproveNow!, Performance Achievement Recognition (PAR), EHSMeetUp! and Compliance Auditing.

Can my company participate in other EHS GRADES Programs?

Yes. The other programs developed by EHS GRADES include Performance Achievement Recognition (PAR) Award Program and EHSMeetUp!. The PAR was established as a yearly award program to recognize companies that have achieved either an "A" or "A+" in their performance evaluation. The EHSMeetUp! Program helps our clients to develop and implement workforce leadership-employee engagement meetings usually during a time slot specifically designated for company executives, leaders, directors, and senior managers to have discussions concerning EHS issues and other challenges directly with first-line supervisors and workers.

What other services does EHS GRADES provide?

Compliance Auditing: At EHS GRADES, we provide detailed auditing of all aspects of the EHS programs to all major companies and industries including oil and gas, transportation, chemical processing, construction, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, mining, agribusiness and several other manufacturing and industrial facilities. Our compliance auditors are Board-Certified and are experts, with multiple years of experience in environmental health and safety laws and key regulations that apply to particular worker activities or operations at industrial facilities. We focus on all aspects of their facility audit needs including compliance with various international regulations and laws.

Training and Certification: EHS GRADES coordinates instructional and training programs for employees of its members. We have partnered with accredited EHS instructors, training and certification facilities around the world to deliver outstanding training solutions. All of our approved instructors have been vetted and authorized to teach and grant EHS GRADES-approved certificates. EHS GRADES provides training opportunities and courses that you need to get started for your overseas employees or contractors.

Can I post industry projects for bidding on EHS GRADES?

All EHS GRADES Industry Clients/Project Owners can post their bidding announcements on our website to get the best value contractors or suppliers to work on projects. All types of contractors are encouraged to sign up for the EHS GRADES services to receive quick leads and immediate access to all the jobs that they need to enable their company to keep growing. All project owners and contractors can track the status and progress of any project in real time using our platform.

How can I become an EHS GRADES-accredited auditor or instructor?

EHS GRADES uses Board Certified, accredited compliance auditors and instructors to conduct auditing and training respectively. To apply to become an accredited auditor or instructor, please submit an online application form and your qualification and certification documents, submit a current resume, and pay the applicable registration fees to EHS GRADES. All auditors and instructors are required to complete their renewal process every three years.

Can EHS GRADES securely store my information?

EHS GRADES is committed to strictly protecting the security of all stored information in our database system. We use a variety of security technologies, industry standard measures and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, as well as from misuse, interference or loss. Your information and user profile on EHS GRADES is password-protected, preventing access from all unauthorized users. All user data and information provided to us are held in strict confidentiality and will be used only accordance with the EHS GRADES Privacy Policy, Privacy Shield Policy and Terms of Use.

Are resources available to help customers?

Our Head Office is located in Houston, Texas. We are actively working to help all our members achieve organizational excellence through outstanding performance and continuous improvement. Our dedicated team of EHS experts and customer service specialists are always available to help our members, partners and other users find the answers to their questions or alleviate their concerns.

How can EHS GRADES help my organization improve?

At EHS GRADES, we understand that the environmental health and safety of your workers is essential to your business. Our diagnostic solutions enable our clients to identify and correct oversight issues, develop and implement new policies and procedures, improve existing ones in order to be more effective in areas not previously addressed, monitor, manage and re-energize their EHS programs to keep their employees, contractors, and suppliers healthy, safe, and satisfied.

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