ImproveNow! Program

Get Locked IN! There’s always room for improvement

Our highest priority at EHS GRADES is to ensure that all of our clients achieve and maintain outstanding EHS performances through continuous improvement. Without it, the likelihood of a business to become successful or to maintain excellence is greatly diminished.

We believe that any organization that is focused on the environmental health and safety of their most important asset (employees) must be willing to do a regular self-reflection by taking a long and sincere hard look in the mirror. Without regular checks for corrections and improvements, most companies would never know where they truly stand regarding their EHS performances.

Check Up to ImproveNow!

The ImproveNow! Program is a component of the EHS GRADES Zero-In-View Initiative (ZIVI) that was developed to encourage companies to be proactive in developing and implementing methods involving a continuous "check up" of their programs to improve their overall EHS performance. The Zero-In-View initiative is based on the EHS GRADES Vision of zero incidents, injuries, and fatalities in the workplace.

Businesses that are enrolled in ImproveNow! are able to quickly track key performance indicators, and analyze their day-to-day operations to help improve and sustain outstanding performance. As a result, our participating member companies have been able to drastically reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.

Through the ImproveNow! Program, we encourage our clients to realize that the evaluation of their performances could be an indication of excellence, movement in the right direction or need for improvement in their respective EHS programs. As a result, we encourage all stakeholders to fully support environmental health and safety initiatives at EHS GRADES and at their respective organizations.

In order to have an effective loss prevention and intervention program aimed at zero incidents, economic considerations or other factors should not take priority over safety and health issues, and environmental protection. ImproveNow! is based on the need to specifically monitor performance indicators, and to establish benchmarks and goals for continuous improvement.

Four Key Concepts of ImproveNow!

  • Identification and communication of risks and hazard: We consistently develop industry-specific, cutting-edge methods for our clients to maintain programs aimed at continuously identifying and managing significant hazards and risks associated with its processes, operations, and other activities. The scope of the assessment includes risk analysis and review of the EHS performance of other entities such as contractors, suppliers, subcontractors or distributors, and third-party providers. Participants are encouraged to promptly communicate issues related to risk and hazards to their employees and other worksite personnel.
  • Development and implementation of operational control programs: We conduct a detailed analysis of your EHS policies and programs to determine if continuous improvement is fully integrated into the business decision-making process. The IN program ensures that companies provide their employees with resources needed to accomplish the goal of continuous improvement. Roles and responsibilities, expectations and the authority necessary to establish, implement, maintain, improve, and review operational programs must be clearly defined.

In addition, we work with our members that are enrolled in ImproveNow! to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to maintain programs for EHS training, awareness, and competency. Also, the program requires that all participating companies have an active Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response Plan, which considers the capability to manage and respond to crises, emergencies, and incidents.

  • Thorough internal (and external) audits: EHS GRADES works with member companies enrolled in ImproveNow! to establish programs aimed at ensuring EHS compliance and management system conformance through periodic auditing, assessments, verification and program re-evaluation. Thorough auditing is required in order to determine the effectiveness of any EHS program that has been put in place.

The common types of audits that we require include compliance auditing, hazard identification auditing, and program development auditing. Our accredited auditors are specially trained to focus on procedures that will provide a wide range of information, including cost reduction opportunities, mitigation of economic and human losses, continuous improvement and management systems effectiveness for companies.

  • Enhanced EHS culture, employee engagement and collective responsibility: ImproveNow! ensures that our participating members encourage active involvement of their employees at all levels of the implementation of the continuous improvement process. An effective EHS culture enables the entire workforce to learn and embrace programs that could be used to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

Who Can Participate?

All EHS GRADES subscribing member companies are encouraged to enroll in the program. Participants include businesses all over the world including chemical processing and manufacturing companies, oil and gas explorers and producers, construction companies, power and utility companies, healthcare, etc. and their contractors.

EHS GRADES ensures that all companies in the ImproveNow! Program have highly effective EHS management programs and processes that can be continually evaluated and improved upon. Periodically, we send out invitation emails to members that have not enrolled in our various program improvement initiatives. Join EHS GRADES to participate in the ImproveNow! Program. Take advantage of the extra benefits of seamlessly getting your organization to the path of success.

For questions, comments or additional information about enrollment and participation in the ImproveNow! Program and all other program-related questions, please contact a member of our ImproveNow! Team at +1 (800) 970-8776 (Toll-free), or via email at

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