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Performance Management

Evaluation Process

EHS GRADES assigns letter grades to depict the EHS performance rating of our members on a yearly basis. All of our clients complete their performance evaluation and provide supporting documents during a 30-day rating period, starting in mid-January.

At the end of the rating period, performance results are released to all existing member companies. However, all new members will be evaluated and would have obtained their first performance letter grade within 90 days of subscription to our membership.

We analyze several performance measures from an organization’s EHS management systems including past incident records, programs, policies, procedures, practices and other key indicators to produce a single letter grade which represents an overall performance. The letter grade is an indicator of an organization's efforts aimed at keeping their employees and work environment healthy and safe from hazards and incidents.

Performance Evaluation Rating Questionnaire

All EHS GRADES members, including contractors, suppliers and subcontractors, are required to complete the Performance Evaluation Rating Questionnaire (PERQ). The PERQ is a part of our evaluation and performance grading tool which involves a set of questions provided to all companies that are subscribed to the EHS GRADES platform.

Using the member's responses to the questions and the supporting documentation provided, other industry and regulatory standards, we use our potent diagnostic tool to identify and evaluate where an organization’s EHS program performance truly stands.

The PERQ provides a detailed diagnosis of an organization’s EHS program, specifically to determine the overall operational and organizational outlook. All of our subscribing members are required to submit documentation that we verify before an evaluation is completed. Supporting documentation must be provided to EHS GRADES within seven (7) business days of your completion of the PERQ.

Evaluation and Grading

A letter grade matching the overall performance score of an organization is assigned after a detailed review and verification of the responses and information provided in the completed PERQ. Clients are required to immediately upload their supporting documentation or to submit them within seven (7) business days. The grading will signify an "A+", "A", "B", "C", "D", or "F" status which depicts the overall EHS outlook of your organization.

A "NG" status indicating "no grade" is allocated when a client does not complete the PERQ or cannot provide the required EHS program-specific supporting documentation to justify the responses provided in the questionnaire. Clients receive notifications at the end of the evaluation period. Members can log in to their profiles to check their letter grades, view performance scorecard or download their performance reports. In addition, users with corporate accounts are able to see the evaluation results and letter grades for each of their operating units and compare them to company-wide performances.

A detailed, client-specific performance description, analysis, findings, areas of concentration for continuous improvements and recommendations are provided in the Performance Report under the “Reports” dashboard menu when logged in to your Profile. Client's scores for each measured performance variable are compared to the best industry-type performance for all similar businesses and members within the EHS GRADES database.

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