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Training registration must be done through EHS GRADES. Full access to our accredited training instructors and providers are limited to clients with an active membership subscription on our platform. We may recommend training and refresher programs to you occasionally, based on your EHS performance report or due to an audit.

EHS GRADES connects and coordinates interaction between clients, instructors and training facilities. We help our clients and their employees identify training programs that could help improve their overall performance. In addition, we may recommend training courses due to your participation in our continuous improvement program. You may also request training for your workforce through your EHS GRADES Profile. To register for a training program, you may request training or accept an EHS recommended training or refresher program online under the "Training and Certification" menu by selecting the "My Training" button.

As soon as you make a request or accept a training recommendation, an EHS GRADES specialist will contact you to better understand your needs and requirements, and to schedule the training courses. You can also register and manage your employees' training online as a designated training representative. EHS GRADES provides a free user account and access for all our clients' designated training representatives. Please contact EHS GRADES to set up your company's designated representative access.

Become a Designated Training Representative

A company designated training coordinator or representative may be added to your EHS GRADES membership account via a written request to EHS GRADES on your company letterhead with the signature from a senior management personnel. Please include the name, contact information, and title of the senior personnel and the proposed representative. Submit the letter to EHS GRADES Training and Certification at training@ehsgrades.com.

For questions or additional information concerning our training and certification programs, registration and approval of a designated training representative, please contact a member of the EHS GRADES team (Toll-free) at +1 (800) 970-8776, or via email at training@ehsgrades.com.

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