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Audit Requirements

At EHS GRADES, we ensure that all parties involved in our auditing process have a full understanding of what to expect. Our streamlined auditing and reporting process is straightforward, reduces costs and saves time.

We keep our clients fully engaged throughout the auditing process, thereby, making it worthwhile to achieve the goal of continuous improvement. Our standardized audit process includes:

  • Receipt and processing of audit request: As soon as we receive and process your request for an audit, EHS GRADES creates an audit account for your facility on our Integrated Performance Reporting System (IPRS) where you can monitor every stage of your audit process.
  • Auditor selection: An EHS GRADES-Accredited auditor is selected from our database. After reviewing your audit account information, we match and assign one of our industry-specialized auditors to your account.
  • Audit agreements and disclosure forms: All parties review and sign the EHS GRADES Auditor-Company Agreement and Conflicts of Interests Disclosure form, outlining roles and responsibilities of the company, auditor and EHS GRADES.
  • Pre-audit package: All parties receive the Pre-Audit Package including scope of the audit, schedules, audit timeline, costs, estimates, payment receipts, all forms and signed documentation prior to starting the audit.
  • Pre-audit orientation visitation: EHS GRADES works with the company and auditor to schedule a pre-audit orientation visit, either on-site or at the corporate office of the company for the auditor to have an introductory meeting with the company.
  • Pre-audit orientation report: Auditor completes a site orientation report and submits to EHS GRADES. We then review site orientation documentation and schedule a full on-site audit.
  • Full audit and site visitation: During the full audit, the auditor will conduct a site visitation, interview a sample of your employees including contractors, site operations, and maintenance personnel, perform visual observations of your facility structure, process, etc. The auditor will also conduct a detailed review and assessment of all documentation related to your company's EHS program management and policy, including all current and past records of employee training, incidents, injuries, violations, etc.
  • On-site interview requirements: The auditor may decide to conduct one-on-one interviews with some sampled personnel from all levels of your company, including top executives, senior management, supervisors, frontline workers and contractors. The duration of each interview may vary, usually approximately 30-45 minutes long.

EHS GRADES has developed the following audit criteria to determine the number of interviews to be conducted. The interview requirement is based on the total number of workers in a company worksite. For example,

5 employees = a minimum of 3 interviews
10 employees = a minimum of 6 interviews
50 employees = a minimum of 20 interviews
100 employees = a minimum of 30 interviews
250 employees = a minimum of 50 interviews
500 employees = a minimum of 75 interviews

  • Site visitation requirements: In addition, EHS GRADES has developed audit requirements for site visitations to corroborate findings in the documentation review and interview phase of the audit.

The audit requirement to determine the number of site visitations is based on the total number of worksites. For example,

5 worksites = a minimum of 3 sites will be visited
10 – 50 worksites= a minimum of 30% of the sites will be visited
More than 50 worksites= a minimum of 25% of the sites will be visited

  • On-site post-audit meeting and audit checklist: At the end of each site visit, the auditor will conduct an on-site post-audit meeting with company personnel. During the meeting, a detailed audit checklist will be completed with signatures from the auditor and senior personnel from the worksite. A copy of the audit completion checklist will be provided to your facility at the end of the site visit.
  • Evaluation of documentation and audit information: A few days after the site visit, the auditor will complete a thorough evaluation of all the relevant information obtained during the site visit and will verify all information already submitted to EHS GRADES. After internal quality assurance review and approval, we will provide a detailed written report to the client.
  • Audit report information:  The report will contain findings, checklists, observations, transparent evaluations and suggestions concerning any deficiencies found with EHS compliance at the site. In addition, we will provide a section on aspects of continuous improvements to you based on our audit of your site. In most cases, the insight and recommendations that we provide in the report may be required to advance the site’s programs based on EHS requirements and best industry practices.
  • Post-audit follow-up and review: After you've received your audit report, one of our EHS specialists will schedule a post-audit follow up and review with the designated site personnel to check whether the recommendations for improvements made in the audit report have been implemented or not. At the end of the first follow up, a subsequent post-audit meeting may be required to check if all follow-up actions plans have been successfully implemented. EHS GRADES sends a final notification of audit completion at the end of the post-audit follow up.

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