What We Do

Performance Management

Program Benefits

Our clients have found the solutions that we deliver to be valuable and important for the continued success of their organizations. The performance measures that we evaluate provide important tools for companies to check whether the actions that they have taken to address risks continue to achieve their desired outcomes.

Problem Detection and Early Warning System

Results from the performance evaluation of the organizational EHS program outlook allow our members to develop realistic action plans to identify and avoid potential causes of accidents, gaps in planning, or problems with incident reporting and response capabilities. In addition, our process provides an early warning of possible problems that have been overlooked in the past, and to promptly identify program improvement areas.

Prioritization for Resource Allocation

Our solutions help organizations resolve the challenge of competing priorities and focus their resource allocation efforts on the most effective EHS activities to produce desirable outcomes. When organizations are faced with tough decisions, the key findings and results from our performance evaluation process can be used as an added basis for deciding an effective allocation strategy for EHS-related resources (including financial and human resources).

Additional benefits of our performance management program include:

  • The presence of an external validation tool for our members with existing performance evaluation methods to compare with internal metrics and results of their performance assessments.
  • The availability of an extra layer of protection to the EHS programs of our members.
  • Enabling of increased awareness of environmental, health and safety issues among employees.
  • Provision of a quantifiable system for checking whether organizational goals are being met and whether the set goals are realistic.

Need to Immediately Improve Your EHS Performance?

Our members can immediately improve their performances by enrolling in our specially developed continuous improvement program (ImproveNow!). Through the program, companies are able to track the key performance indicators of their EHS programs. With the urgent program improvement information and support that we provide, our clients can analyze their day-to-day operations using our diagnostic tool and are able to take immediate actions to accurately eliminate any identified underlying issues that could potentially lead to serious incidents.

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Past missed opportunities including unanticipated risks and hazards can now be easily detected and resolved, thereby helping our clients to achieve and sustain outstanding performance. Participating companies continue to experience reduced workplace incidents, revamped EHS culture due to higher productivity, improved product or service quality, and increased employee morale and satisfaction.

Saving Lives Through Continuous Improvement