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Industry & Insurance Partners Preventing workplace injuries and accidents through enhanced collaboration

At EHS GRADES, we collaborate with various stakeholders including government agencies and private sectors including consulting firms and insurance companies around the world to jointly provide services and expertise aimed at preventing incidents and other losses arising from occupational illnesses and injuries (the costs of which have continued to increase around the globe). Collectively, we recognize the benefits to be derived from increased collaboration, cooperation and interaction for the further promotion of proactive measures for our clients and businesses. Jointly, we are developing intiatives and offering programs to improve workplace environmental, health and safety performances through adequate operations, management services, and solutions.

As a result of the success of our collaborative efforts, many government entities and regulatory agencies now look to EHS GRADES for performance evaluation including compliance and regulatory support to various private organizations within their respective jurisdictions. Also, several insurance corporations now rely on the results of the EHS GRADES performance evaluation program to set rates and discounts for the workers’ compensation premiums; offering our clients affordable, competitive rates and the best discounts.

Direct costs are usually paid out by insurance companies to injured workers through compensation claims. Indirect costs which are estimated to be between 150 – 500 percent higher than the direct costs, are often transferred to the end-users and consumers through higher prices of goods and services. All of these losses could be prevented when all stakeholders work together. When incidents and losses are prevented, everyone wins.

Your EHS Performance Could Determine Your Next Premium Rate

While the employer deals with out-of-pocket expenses and other indirect costs, the economic burden of employee expenses is often transferred directly to insurance companies. Recent estimates indicate that businesses pay more than $1 billion per week for workers' compensation. In addition to damages to the reputation of an organization, loss of shareholders and customer goodwill, injury and illness costs have a major impact (sometimes permanent) on a company’s bottom line.

With rapidly increasing premium rates, it is essential for organizations to effectively allocate resources and implement loss intervention measures to reduce the risks and hazards in the workplace. Unlike other programs that are based on intuition, theoretical and qualitative analysis, the EHS GRADES loss prevention process enables our clients to continuously improve their performances. Member companies with outstanding and excellent EHS performances now enjoy some of the cheapest rates in the industry.

Our Partners and Collaborators

Meet the government agencies, industry and insurance partners who are collaborating with us to achieve the objective of preventing occupational incidents and losses through the provision of world-class, performance-driven, customer-focused services to multiple businesses and organizations. To learn more about each partner, click their logo below.