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Industry's One-of-a-kind!

Providing Exemplary EHS Services & Solutions

Enhancing Operational Excellence

Through outstanding Performance & Continuous Improvement Programs

Providing Immediate Breakthrough

To the Biggest Organiational Challenges, Worries and Concerns

Revolutionizing the Industry

Through our Best-in-Class, Innovative Solutions & Programs

Ensuring that No One Gets Left Behind!

Getting Everyone Home Safely through Our Continuous Improvement Programs

Revolutionizing the Industry Delivering innovative solutions to the environmental health and safety (EHS) challenges and organizational demands of various industries around the world.

Performance Management

Our assessment process is used by our clients to continuously collect, analyze and track their company-specific and standardized industry-wide performance.

Contractor Management

We provide an extra layer of protection to our clients by reducing procurement costs and streamlining the process of their contractor management life cycle.

Compliance Management

We conduct organizational health assessments, provide compliance audits, facilitate workforce development and competency training for various organizations.

Program Improvement

Through our continuous improvement programs, our clients and partners can improve their operations efficiency, boost productivity and performance.

Other Services We Provide We provide additional EHS-related services and can customize our solutions based on the specific needs and requirements of our clients and partners.

Workforce Training and
Professional Development

Mental Health and
Occupational Wellness

Partnership, Empowerment
and EHS Advocacy

Delivering Positive Results Worldwide At EHS GRADES, we specialize in the provision of environmental, health and safety (EHS) solutions, including consultancy and engineering services, technical guidance, workforce development and training assistance for a wide array of businesses around the world. Our Global Headquarters is located in the United States (Houston, Texas) with a Regional Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We operate through our several office locations across North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Industry Clients
(Facilities & Project Owners)

(Suppliers & Vendors)

(Operators & Seasonal Workers)

Recent Highlights We share the latest highlights, features, industry updates, journals and articles, including coverage in major news media, items trending on social media, and more.

Introducing our Company

EHS GRADES was established to revolutionize the industry and provide lasting solutions to the biggest occupational challenges and employer predicaments of ensuring that everyone returns home safely every day.

Streamlining Compliance Complexities

We identify the true state of your EHS programs and can help your business achieve its overall performance goals through our accurate program diagnostics, evaluation, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Partnership with Insurance Companies

We collaborate with insurance companies to establish a performance-based discount program and ensure the delivery of world-class workers’ compensation coverage and other incentives to our clients.