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We are saving lives through continuous improvement

EHS GRADES International is a first-of-its-kind environmental health and safety (EHS) program performance improvement company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We provide outstanding technical support and customized services by delivering innovative solutions to the EHS challenges and demands of our clients across various industries around the world. Our members range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with diverse needs, goals and objectives.

Saving Lives Through Continuous Improvement


To help businesses and organizations achieve their EHS performance goals through accurate program diagnostics, evaluation, and continuous improvement.


Zero incidents through the prevention of all illnesses, injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Core Values

Commitment to excellence in workplace health and safety, customer service, honesty and integrity, respect for all, and passion for outstanding performance and positive results.

We provide long-term, value-based solutions to meet these specialized demands through a variety of cost-effective delivery systems including performance management, contractor management, compliance management, including auditing, training resources and improvement programs. Our world-class client services allow our member companies to continuously improve their EHS programs at the highest level of performance.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to the enhancement of EHS programs by providing outstanding solutions through accurate diagnosis, evaluation and recommendations for continuous improvement.


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Our innovative programs and exemplary services are revolutionizing the industry. We deliver immediate breakthrough discoveries to the biggest challenges and concerns of our clients.



Join our dedicated, diverse and talented Team of Champions and EHS experts who are highly proficient, equipped with skills to provide our members with best-in-class services.



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Saving Lives Through Continuous Improvement