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At EHS GRADES, we take pride in the fact that we have revolutionized Environmental Health and Safety through our unique services and program initiatives that is saving the lives of millions of workers every day through continuous improvement! We are thrilled to offer you our services by providing immediate breakthroughs to your biggest organizational challenges, worries and concerns.

As a member, you gain unlimited access to the many benefits, savings, packages, and discounts that are part of the in-depth members-only advantages available to you. We invite you to make the most of these exclusive benefits including the tools, information, and resources accessible to you that can immediately improve the overall EHS performance of your organization.

Service Type Description Price
Performance Management
  • Confidential and detailed diagnostics and evaluation of program performance.
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations for continuous improvement provided at the end of each rating period.
  • Review of program documentation for performance and compliance standards.
  • Benchmarking and comparison of evaluated performance measures with industry highs and averages.
Contractor Management
  • Support throughout the contractor management process including contractor procurement, on-the-job monitoring, project closure, and post-job follow-up.
  • Access to contractors and project owners within the EHS GRADES database.
  • Prequalification and verification of contractor documents for project bids.
  • Global contractor management and support.
Auditing and Reporting
  • Four-step compliance auditing process including information and data collection, site visitation and facility inspection, audit evaluation, reporting and documentation and post-audit follow up.
  • Connection with EHS GRADES-Accredited Auditors and accreditation of your internal EHS auditors.
  • Customer support throughout the audit process.
  • Global compliance auditing and reporting.
Training and Certification
  • EHS training and certification including customized training programs.
  • Connection with EHS GRADES-accredited training instructors and providers.
  • Customer support throughout the training process.
  • Accreditation of your internal EHS training instructors.
  • Global EHS training and certification services.
Continuous Improvement Program
  • Participation in Zero-In-View Initiative (ZIVI) programs including ImproveNow! and EHSMeetUp!.
  • Performance Achievement Recognition (PAR) and Award Program.
  • Two-year showcase of PAR Award (with EHS GRADES licensing).
Resources and Publications
  • Access to the latest industry resources and information on best practices, guidelines, codes, standards and compliance requirements.
  • Free EHS GRADES news publications including the ImproveNow! Magazine.
  • Member discount to promote your business in EHS GRADES Magazines.
  • Member access to EHS GRADES technical and research publications, white papers, journals, magazines, and bulletins.
  • Access to all EHS GRADES training, webinars, professional and social events.
Meetings and Conferences
  • Substantial member discount on fees for registration and exhibits at the annual EHS GRADES Meeting and the Performance Achievement Conference and Exposition (PACE).
  • Access to the EHS GRADES PACE Magazine including event report and news.
Insurance Premium Discounts
  • EHS performance-based savings and discounts of up to 30% off on insurance premium rates in workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Access to our insurance partners for affordable, competitive rates and the best available discounts.
Account Setup
  • One standard user and one account administrator.
  • Optional add-ons available to senior managers as executive users with additional account privileges.
  • Free corporate account to oversee multiple businesses and operating units, offices or franchises with five or more EHS GRADES member accounts.

Your organization can immediately take advantage of the exclusive benefits and initiatives that we provide and enjoy a revamped EHS culture, immense savings, low workers' compensation insurance premiums, reduced workplace injuries, illnesses, high productivity, improved quality, reduced turnover rates, and increased employee morale and satisfaction.

All of our clients have capitalized on the unique solutions that we provide to protect the reputation of their businesses. By proactive and consistent adoption of our revolutionary system and implementation of our recommendations, your organization can increase its bottom line by up to 40%, and reduce your workplace incident rates by as much as 70%. We provide these outstanding services at lower costs than any other organization.

Our client–specific, cost-effective solutions have helped our member companies achieve their EHS goals. Sign up to become an EHS GRADES Member today to experience the world-class services that we provide.

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