Membership Fees

Benefits that far exceed any associated costs!

Our goal is to provide unrivaled customer service and positive results to our members at all times. In order to continue our delivery of outstanding solutions, EHS GRADES charges annual membership fees from our well-established base of customers. While there is a fee to join EHS GRADES to take advantage of our first-class services, the benefits of your membership would far exceed any associated costs now and in the future.

We understand that different member organizations have different needs. Costs vary based on client type, country of operation, and the number of users. All of our customers pay an annual membership fee plus a one-time set-up payment for their accounts to be activated. Since we provide various types of support to all our clients throughout the year, membership subscriptions automatically renew annually to avoid interruption to your services.


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Do you have multiple office locations, sites, facilities or operating units?

Not a problem! Ask about our Free Corporate Account for organizations with multiple locations. Setup a corporate account to monitor the EHS performances of all your operating units and contractors. Have an overall snapshot of your entire corporate EHS performance and track all your contractor performances on a single platform. The immense benefits of setting up a Corporate Account include:

Simplified corporate performance review: Identify gaps, monitor improvements, schedule corporate audits, arrange training for your entire workforce, find a corporate contractor or supplier, send bid invitations to past contractors, download corporate performance reports, and much more from an all-in-one corporate account.

Standardized performance monitoring: Apply the same standard across your entire company. Gain immediate access to all the EHS performance reports of your units. Monitor all your business locations for continuous improvement at the same time. Improve your span of control with multiple users and admins using a corporate account.

Improved contractor management efficiency:  Invite all your contractors and suppliers to bid on projects, evaluate existing and potential new contractors and suppliers. Streamline your entire contractor management process, monitor all your contractor performances quickly and easily to ensure that they comply with mandatory contractual terms, requirements and conditions. Provide support, exchange messages, improve communication, manage and track the progress of all your company projects from a single account.

Reduced administrative burden and paperwork:   By having a corporate account, you can keep all your company information current. Provide corporate-wide notification, share lessons learned and reports. Streamline the annual updates to all your organization’s compliance information from a corporate account.

Boost productivity, increase cost-savings and financial gains: Reduce contractor management costs, mitigate risks, optimize financial performance, develop loyal relationship, reduce procurement burden, invite multiple contractors to submit bid proposals on your work projects. Hire the best contractors and maintain your company's great reputation by providing oversight for all your business units using a corporate account.

Maximize visibility and enhanced interaction:   Improve the interaction within your business locations and between your contractors and vendors. Provide maximum visibility for your business locations, and improve your overall efficiency by staying ahead of your competitors.

*All companies with five or more units that are signed up on EHS GRADES will be contacted by our customer support team to set up your free corporate account. Additional fees may apply to setup a corporate account for companies on the EHS GRADES platform with less than five operating units or locations. Sign up more units today to take advantage of the free corporate account!

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