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Contractor Management

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The implementation of a thorough and effective contractor management system is essential for any industrial project to be successful. One of the most important phases of achieving a sound contractor EHS management program is the identification, prequalification and selection of a qualified contractor. Unfortunately, several owners blindly invest in contractor management systems and programs that do not measure up.

We help our industry clients and project owners to reduce costs, risks and increase the chances of project success by streamlining the process of their contractor management life cycle. Effective contractor relationship management, improved quality of information and communication could prevent incidents during outsourced operations.

Contractor Management Solutions

Program Benefits

Reduce procurement costs and risks, and increase the chances of project success by using our effective contractor management system.


Managing Global Contractors

Use our standardized contractor qualification process to overcome lax EHS standards, high risks, and poor contractor-owner relationships.


EHS GRADES All-In-One Contractor Management System

Our contractor management system involves the provision of unrivaled technical support to project owners and their contractors throughout the methodical five-step project life cycle process. We provide full service in all aspects of contractor procurement, prequalification, on-the-job monitoring, project closure and follow-up. Our process provides project owners with the greatest chances of identifying, procuring and selecting low-risk and best-value contractors.

EHS GRADES provides a comprehensive contractor management process which does not end with the completion of the prequalification phase. We work with our clients and their contractors at every stage to help alleviate and remove the heavy procurement burden, prequalify and verify contractor documents for prequalification and approval to bid on projects, streamline and eliminate unnecessary manual processes in contractor management.

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