PAR Award Process

Program Overview

The Performance Achievement Recognition (PAR) Program recognizes companies and contractors that have epitomized the definition of saving lives through continuous improvement. PAR Awardees are companies whose EHS performance grades reflect operational excellence through outstanding performance.

All member companies that achieved either an "A" or "A+" in their annual EHS GRADES performance evaluation ratings are automatically entered into the PAR program as nominees. All PAR-Nominated companies are then required to undergo an EHS GRADES-approved site audit.

EHS GRADES-accredited auditors that are assigned to PAR-nominated companies often perform a detailed review of the company's EHS records and other documentation. Additional audit procedures include visual observations, interviews with company employees, contractors, site operations, and maintenance personnel. Interviews are conducted to thoroughly assess the nominee's worthiness for a PAR award, including compliance with industry standards and applicable regulations.

PAR Finalists (and Non-Finalists)

At the end of the site visit, a detailed PAR audit report and ratings will be completed and submitted to EHS GRADES. Nominee companies with outstanding performance (with an overall score of 90% or above in their PAR audits) are automatically selected to become PAR finalists. Organizations scoring less than 90% in the PAR audits are invited to automatically enroll in our ImproveNow! Program to help enhance their performances in future audits and to ensure that recommendations for improvements made in the audit report are implemented. Successful nominees progress to the PAR Award Review phase.

The PAR Award Review Panel (a seven-member committee, consisting of reputable EHS professionals from diverse backgrounds) review the performance of each finalist and provide their rankings to EHS GRADES (identifying information such as company name, address, industry type, etc. are not made available to the committee members).

Best ranked companies (and Finalists) are recognized at the Dinner/Awards Night during our annual EHS Performance Achievement Conference. The most-improved company award is presented to organizations that have gone through the EHS GRADES ImproveNow! Program and have drastically improved their performances due to rejuvenated, proactive EHS programs and policies. Also, all new EHS GRADES clients will be recognized for their contributions to continuous EHS performance improvement at the yearly Dinner/Awards Night.

PAR Process Flow Diagram

The entire PAR award process is shown in a flow diagram below:

EHS GRADES maintains a list of all current and past PAR awardees from all over the world. This list includes various companies, businesses, and organizations that are continuously aiming to improve their EHS programs and policies.

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