What We Do

Training and Certification

Program Overview

We have reinvented the wheels of training and certification by collaborating with numerous providers and facilities all over the world to deliver around-the-clock training solutions for any kind of workplace scenario that an organization, its employees or contractors may find themselves in. All of our instructors and training providers are Board-Certified and accredited by EHS GRADES.

Training Options

Hands-on, instructor-led seminars, online or in-class, train-the-trainer, and refresher programs customized for your needs.


Global EHS Training

Find out about training opportunities and courses you'll need to get started for your overseas employees or contractors.


Become a Training Instructor

Are you a qualified EHS training and certification instructor? Contact us to find out how to become an EHS GRADES-accredited instructor.


Our Training Facilities

EHS GRADES coordinates all of its approved courses through our numerous accredited training facilities and locations around the world.


Saving Lives Through Continuous Improvement