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Supporting multiple businesses and industries all around the world

EHS GRADES utilizes state-of-the-art, efficient performance diagnostic concepts to optimize the cost-saving solutions that we provide to the different types of businesses that we serve. We understand the challenges and requirements of your particular industry and can customize the most efficient solution to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Let our team of experts work relentlessly to produce outstanding results for your EHS program. These are just a few of the industrial sectors where we provide exemplary services.

At EHS GRADES, we help our clients by preventing workplace incidents, injuries and fatalities through our hazard and risk reduction technology. Our proven techniques and practices include various continuous improvement program initiatives to help business leaders to better interact and be fully engaged with their first-line workers and supervisors. As a result, we are helping our members to create a better workplace EHS culture and improving the attitude of their employees towards best practices and shared responsibility.

Our customers range from small businesses, corporations, contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors to some of the world's largest organizations.

Industry Clients / Project Owners

Owners of industrial facilities, buildings, sites, or plants that hire contractors to support their projects and operations.


Contractors / Suppliers

Businesses or organizations that perform operational work for industry clients or project owners on a contract basis.


Subcontractors / Operators

Third-party organizations or companies that are hired by contractors to support operations at the facilities of industry clients.


Our innovative performance improvement solutions technology combines multiple qualitative and quantitative measures to evaluate the EHS programs of our clients. We use of our advanced scientific and systematic approach to ensure that decision-making is compelled by data rather than intuition thereby, enabling businesses to achieve and maintain outstanding performances.

The EHS GRADES team of experts will work with you to identify issues within your program, incorporate safeguards to prevent failure, and develop innovative solutions that are specifically customized to meet your company's needs.

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