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EHS GRADES uses accredited Board Certified Compliance Auditors to conduct auditing and site visitations at the facilities of our members. Our approved auditors are experts with multiple years of experience in environmental health and safety laws and key regulations that apply to particular worker activities or operations at industrial sites. With accredited auditors located worldwide, EHS GRADES ensures that all its approved auditors meet the minimum industry educational and experience-level requirements.

How to Apply

To apply to become an accredited auditor, please submit an online application form (EHS GRADES-Accredited Auditor Application Form) and your documents (notarized copies of your government-issued identification, driver's license, or photo page of your government issued travel passport, academic transcripts, certificates, diplomas, reference letters), submit a current resume, and pay the applicable Registration Fees to EHS GRADES. The application will take 10-15 minutes to complete. To apply online, click here.  You will need to submit your documents electronically by attaching files.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Have a minimum of bachelor’s degree or equivalent certificate, diploma, or degree in Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Hygiene, Public or Environmental Health, Environmental Management, Industrial Engineering, or strongly related areas from an accredited public or private educational institution.
  2. Hold a professional certification or license designation in environmental health and safety, such as a Certified Health & Safety Management System Auditor (CHSMSA), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), or any other approved professional certification designation
  3. All applicants must have had a minimum of ten years experience as an EHS professional.
  4. Complete the online EHS GRADES-Accredited Auditor Application Form and pay the applicable non-refundable Registration and Processing Fees ($350).
  5. Upload all the required documents including a current resume, a notarized copy of your government-issued identification, driver's license, or photo page of your government-issued travel passport. You will also need to upload any notarized copies of any transcripts, certificates, diplomas, professional certifications or authorizations that back up your credentials.
  6. Provide recommendation letters from three (3) professional references or individuals who are familiar with your work in the past and with whom you have maintained contact (examples of professional references could be a former supervisor or manager). The Professional Reference Form that must be submitted with the application can be downloaded here.
  7. Submit all required documentation online.

EHS GRADES Review Process

When all documents have been submitted to us, you will receive an email notification from EHS GRADES and we will begin the review of your application and evaluation of your educational qualifications, certifications, and supporting documentation. If your documents are not in English, we may require a certified translation to be submitted with your application.

How Long Does It Take?

The normal time frame for evaluation of a completed application is 15 to 30 business days. The time frame begins when your application, all needed documents, and full payment have been received. You will be notified whether or not you have been approved to become an EHS GRADES-Accredited auditor.

Check the Status of My Application?

To find out the status of your submitted application, send an e-mail to audit@ehsgrades.com. Please include your application reference number in your email.

Maintaining Your Auditor Accreditation

EHS GRADES-Accredited Auditors are required to maintain their auditor accreditation by:

  1. Completing the EHS GRADES-Accredited Auditor Renewal Process once every three years. If your auditor accreditation has expired, the EHS GRADES allows up to 3 months from the expiry date to complete the Auditor Renewal process. EHS GRADES will not allow auditors with expired accreditation to perform any audit inspection or site visitation work for our clients until a new auditor accreditation is complete; AND
  2. Completing three EHS-authorized compliance audits, site visitations, PAR audit or review of audit documentation within the three-year accreditation cycle. OR Registration and attendance of the annual EHS Performance Achievement Conference consecutively for three years. EHS GRADES may grant a waiver to the completion of authorized auditing requirement if the auditors seeking the waiver are located in remote areas with limited industrial operations, as determined by EHS GRADES (as long as auditors maintain their Board Certifications or Auditing Licenses); AND
  3. Pay your annual Accredited Auditor Membership Fees ($300) - waived for the first year for all newly accredited auditors.

For questions or additional information concerning our auditor accreditation process, please contact a member of the EHS GRADES team at +1 (800) 970-8776 (Toll-free), or via email at audit@ehsgrades.com.

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