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The EHS-GRADES-accredited training providers that we collaborate with are renowned all over the world for their commitment and dedication to the industry. We all have a common objective, "to continue to save lives and ensure that workers go home to their families and loved ones at the end of their workday." We all work together to deliver training solutions for all types of workplace settings.

We offer instructor-led training seminars and classes, online training, train-the-trainer, and other refreshers, customized training, and all types of certification programs. Our training providers are organizations, centers or institutions that teach EHS courses. At EHS GRADES, we match our clients to training providers and facilities based on the types of training and certification programs that they need in order to improve their workforce development.

Our EHS experts work with companies to eliminate the time wasted on searching for high-quality training providers. We work directly with our accredited instructors and training facilities to make your training experience seamless. We eliminate the unnecessary manual processes, complexity, and ambiguity by removing the administrative burden of ensuring that we find you the best providers and instructors that match your needs and allowing you and your company to focus on your business growth and development.

We have developed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and other partnership agreements with all of our accredited instructors, training centers, providers and instructional facilities. EHS GRADES has the full confidence in their capabilities to provide outstanding training and certification solutions to our member companies, employees, contractors, subsidiaries and affiliates.

For questions or additional information concerning our approved training providers and facilities, please contact a member of the EHS GRADES team at +1 (800) 970-8776 (Toll-free), or via email at training@ehsgrades.com.

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