Performance Achievement Recognition

Let’s celebrate your outstanding EHS performance

The Performance Achievement Recognition (PAR) Award Program is a unique way of encouraging companies to continuously improve their environmental health and safety performance. The PAR program is a component of the Zero-In-View Initiative (ZIVI) which seeks to actualize the EHS GRADES Vision of "zero incidents, injuries, and fatalities in the workplace."

The PAR program requires companies and contractors to develop, implement, improve, and sustain an effective environmental health and safety program that exceeds the industry standards. In return, EHS GRADES recognizes organizations that have shown exemplary improvements in their program performances.

Individuals such as organizational leaders, managers or employees that have been nominated for the Independent Achievement Awards by their colleagues for having worked diligently to help foster and implement best-in-class continuous improvement, intervention, after-action or loss prevention plans are also recognized for their positive contribution to improving environmental health and safety.

The PAR Program continuously encourages our clients, especially Awardees to adopt proactive methods to maintain their performance standing. In turn, this has resulted in minimized risks, improved worker safety and health, better working environments, enhanced compliance, reduced costs of maintaining EHS programs, increased worker productivity, effective training, improved employee morale and better business reputation.

EHS GRADES may share the yearly PAR status of our member organizations with their respective insurance companies to help reduce their premiums and other insurance-related costs.

Most of our PAR Award recipients range from small businesses to large organizations and corporations that have worked diligently to achieve and maintain operational performance excellence by being proactive. PAR Finalists and Awardees enjoy additional benefits of reduced injuries and incident rates, and enhanced financial performance due to reduced accident costs and worker's compensation claims.

By proactively assessing and evaluating their program performance, our clients can quickly determine where their performance truly stands, including underlying workplace risks, what’s working and where the gaps are.

With results, your loss prevention and intervention programs can be systematically controlled. You can minimize hazards and enhance your performance through continuous improvement, eventually leading to a culture of proactive environmental health and safety that benefits everyone.

Improve Compliance Audit Performance

All PAR Awardees have the added benefit of undergoing an EHS GRADES authorized site visitation (audit) before receiving our recognition for performance excellence. EHS GRADES performance audit helps to ensure that our subscribing members remain compliant with all industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Our compliance audits provide an additional opportunity for PAR-Nominated organizations to further determine whether their EHS programs and policies are in conformance to standards and requirements from an independent entity. As a result, PAR Awardees look forward to our audits as a proactive measure to audit processes that protect their workforce, cutting costs in the long-term.

Showcase Your Achievement

Saving lives through continuous improvement is a collective task and it takes a dedicated team effort to earn an "A" or "A+" with EHS GRADES! As a result, we provide licenses to all PAR Finalists and Awardees to showcase and share their performance achievement with their staff and community.

All of our PAR Awardees continue to enjoy the added benefit of access to top-notch EHS GRADES-accredited compliance auditors that provide frontline services to reputable companies all over the world. PAR programs provide the additional opportunity for companies to interact with these auditors to provide insights and recommendations on compliance programs and the prevention of EHS violations, citations or fines.

Our clients continue to see significant returns on their EHS investment due to reduced workers' compensation premiums, costs of litigation, and insurance claims. Additional benefits include the reduction in the number of incidents and near misses due to outstanding EHS performances and increased productivity that spans all levels of the organizations of our PAR Award Recipients.

For questions, comments or additional information about the PAR Award Program, PAR auditing, licensing and award showcase requirements, licensing conditions, and all other PAR-related questions, please contact a member of our PAR Award Team at +1 (800) 970-8776 (Toll-free), or via email at

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