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Training and Certification

Training Options

Customized Training

In addition to our instructor-led training seminars and classes, online training, train-the-trainer, other refresher and certification programs, EHS GRADES coordinates customized training programs to suit our clients' preferred duration, timelines, schedules, and locations. Our clients have taken advantage of this opportunity to provide an on-call, flexible, convenient, and customized training and certification program to their workforce.

Our training and certification program allows you to:

  • Choose the location and when you want your training delivered.
  • Collaborate with the instructor/provider to develop specialized training curriculum for your workforce.
  • Streamline the training and certification program to be focused on your business operations.
  • Allow more employees to participate in the training and certification course.
  • Reduce traveling costs, increase convenience and work-life balance by hosting the training program near your company or at your worksite.

Facilities for Practical Training

Some of our accredited training providers operate in a real-life or virtual training environment with opportunities for students to experience hands-on, practical training. Several EHS GRADES-accredited training facilities are equipped with research labs for testing and practice.

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